Thursday 10th October 2024
Showground, Wadebridge

Brand New Gallery, Brand New Talent

Aspiring Artists, photographers and filmmakers have helped breathe life into a brand new gallery in Cornwall putting contemporary art back on the Cornish map.

To celebrate the re-launch of the fine-art Atrium Gallery, previously known as the Lander Gallery in Truro, photography and media degree students from Truro College shaped the mezzanine’s very first exhibition, entitled Orbis.

Rejuvenating the space with a new philosophy and the desire to get more involved in the community, the Gallery offered four students from the College the opportunity to host an additional independent exhibition at the venue.Photography lecturer Marcus Way was very proud that the four students were awarded the opportunity, with the support of a local Gallery.

“It is such a privilege for the students to present the very first exhibition at the Atrium Gallery, right in the centre of Truro, a very popular space, which has only been highlighted since the re-launch,” he said.

“I’m thrilled that the Gallery has offered this amazing opportunity to students to help them develop as professionals within the real world of art.”

With the promise of launching the students’ professional profiles as practitioners, Chris Hall, Emma Coster, Darren Platt and Kathryn McHattie Jones begin planning for the next step in their photographic careers.

BA (Hons) Applied Media student Chris Hall’s work explores the complex nature of territory between selling visually appealing photographs and creating pieces that have a deeper meaning. Focusing on Cornish seascapes, Chris aims to break into the corporate world of art, kick-started by this exhibition of work within the community.

Chris said: “To end my degree with an exhibition at the new Atrium Gallery was fantastic. The gallery was so supportive, particularly to offer us the amazing opportunity to host an additional exhibition next year. I feel so privileged that my photography has been recognised and I am excited to create a new body of work for this exhibition. As for the subject matter, all of my fine art work revolves around the ocean and the beauty of the Cornish coastline so I can imagine the theme will more than likely be in keeping with that, it’s too early to tell just yet.

“I am also grateful for the opportunities that Truro and Penwith College has provided. All of our lecturers have been incredible throughout the 3 years and I feel that they have given me the confidence and necessary skills to pursue my career,” he added.

Traditionally used every year as a final exhibition space, the College continues to support the Gallery with plans to present work from the new Access to Creative Media and Photography course next year.

If you are interested in studying photography and media university courses at Truro and Penwith College, please visit the website.