Thursday 10th October 2024
Showground, Wadebridge

Candle maker tackles a new kind of growth

A Cornwall candle company that has successfully focused on growing its business has turned its hand to greener pursuits as it teams up with charity workers to help grow vegetables.Workers for the farm-based St Eval Candle Company, which produces a wide variety of scented candles at its workshop at Engollan Farm near St Eval, have been rolling up their sleeves to plant hundreds of vegetables in support of the not-for-profit organisation People and Gardens.

People and Gardens operates a vegetable bag scheme where fresh produce is grown by volunteers, many of whom are living with learning disabilities or mental health issues. Customers of the scheme benefit from a regular supply of fresh, local, in-season vegetables which they can pick up from a local depot or have delivered. All profits from the scheme go towards employing disadvantaged people.

The candlemaker has sent staff members to help People and Gardens plant vegetables at its nursery in St Austell. Staff from the St Eval factory will
attend the nursery weekly in the summer months to support the veg growers as they scale-up their operation.

Emma Glew and Lyn Cawley from St Eval will be planting 600 kale and spring onion seedpods for harvest around 10 weeks later. They will also help to plant a further 600 gourds and squashes. As well as helping to plant the produce, the St Eval Candle Company has become a collection point for the veg bag scheme, widening availability of the scheme to new customers.

In a further partnership venture, workers from both organisations have been planting wild flowers in a meadow at Engollan Farm that will provide a habitat to aid the survival of rare birds including the endangered corn bunting. Volunteers have already planted more than 600 flowers including devil’s bit scabious, red campion and corncockle which are hoped to provide an attractive environment for the birds.

Ian Greaves, managing director of St Eval Candle Company, said: “The new partnership with People and Gardens is blossoming. Our volunteers have gained a greater understanding of how the organisation achieves its aims through gardening and are thrilled to be part of the scheme to raise money for people with learning difficulties.”

Founder of People and Gardens Ken Radford said: “We are very grateful and heartened by the social responsibility being shown by everyone at St Eval Candle Company.

“The staff are perfect role models for other people who wish to be involved in the scheme and help those with emotional impairments and mental health

For more information about the scheme, or to find out how your business could be involved, please see the website