Thursday 12th October 2023
Showground, Wadebridge

How Climate Influences Productivity

Spring has arrived, the sun is out and many people are looking forward to the longer evenings and plenty of warm days ahead.

However with this are a host of hazards that effect people in the summer months.

The obvious one is the misery of hay fever and seasonal allergies however the less obvious one is the effect of warm days, sunny weather and the effect it can have on productivity.

Research has been done to show how working in a warmer room of 25 Celsius can impact even the easiest of cognitive tasks. Warmer temperatures can even impair our decision making abilities.

Researchers in USA found that people tend to be most comfortable at 22 Celsius.

So what can be done to reduce allergies and keep the ambient temperature agreeable to productivity?

Certainly regular Carpet cleaning and dusting work areas with a micro fibre cloth can help reduce any allergens.

Making sure office spaces have good air filtration that is serviced twice a year. Keep humidity low and if necessary invest in a room humidifier that keeps levels between 20-60%.

Move away from chemical cleaning products and replace with plant based products. There are a whole range of readily available products on the market that are very effective and much less harmful to us and the environment.

Keep your workspaces mould free. Plants are great in the office, however they need looking after as well. Keep the leaves dust free and remove any mould spores from the top soil.

Monitor the room temperature and the weather, making relatively small adjustments to optimise working conditions can have astounding results.

This blog was provided by Emma Skilton Independent Consultant