Thursday 12th October 2023
Showground, Wadebridge

Creativity Has Been at The Core of Business

Being in business to serve business success throughout the UK has required a constantly evolving approach which SW1 Ltd has managed from it’s Cornwall and Devon based business hubs.  Director and founder, Graeme Statton, has built the SW1 business around talented staff whose innovative approach to finding affordable solutions for clients’ sales/product requirements, maintains the principles on which the Company was founded 25 years ago.  What has changed are the tools available to achieve market visibility and success.

Target marketing now encapsulates website cookies, smartphone video links via 4g mobile data networks and has moved a long way from a scattergun postal approach.  Campaigns can be created which instantly respond to users needs, or adverts that display to exactly the right potential customer.

These channels may have changed, as has the technology used, but at the heart of the campaign is still a requirement for a strong message and the solution to a common problem.  It is this understanding which has enabled SW1’s business to thrive over the last 25 years, creating, designing and implementing effective marketing campaigns to efficiently promote new business from it’s base within the South West peninsula.

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