Thursday 12th October 2023
Showground, Wadebridge

Falmouth Harbour Commissioners host annual meeting

Falmouth Harbour Commissioners presented its Annual Report 2014 to members of the public on Tuesday 22 September.

The annual event, held at the National Maritime Museum Cornwall in Falmouth, was hosted to an audience of key stakeholders including businesses and customers. The meeting was introduced by Falmouth Harbour Commissioner’s (FHC) Chairman, David Ellis and included a presentation from Captain Mark Sansom, Chief Executive and Harbour Master at FHC.

Captain Mark Sansom explained FHC’s integral role in moving the dredging proposals forward. Reflecting on 2014, he also spoke about the year’s highlights including the Tall Ships Regatta and the continued success of the ground breaking FaBTest facility – the only harbour authority operated wave energy device testing site of its kind in the UK.

Mark went on to speak about development opportunities for Penryn River, identified in a recent study and the benefits of the new powers the organisation has in order to create local Harbour Directions. The more recent appointment of a dedicated manager to oversee a new integrated management system at FHC and the announcement that a new website is currently under development were also discussed.

During the event, Commissioners representing FHC’s two dedicated service arms, Falmouth Haven and Falmouth Pilot Services, also each gave a presentation. Carrie Gilmore, Chair of Falmouth Haven’s management panel, provided an overview of the company’s highlights in its inaugural year. Carrie discussed the enhancement of the leisure offering and customer information, increasing visitor numbers and improving facilities for visitors and resident moorings.  Gary Tranter, Chair of Falmouth Pilot Services management panel, gave the audience an insight into the operations of its 24 hour, seven days a week pilotage service.

David Ellis, Chairman of Falmouth Harbour Commissioners, said: “The annual public meeting presents a good opportunity for the board of Commissioners and the local community to come together to reflect on the previous year’s activity. As always it was encouraging to hear guests showing an interest in FHC’s vision for the ongoing prosperity of the Port.”

David added: “We were able to update guests on our ongoing commitment to developing the harbour, whilst explaining the financial challenges we continue to face due to national and local pension scheme liabilities. It was also an opportunity to recognise the good work happening throughout the organisation, as well as our service arms Falmouth Haven and Falmouth Pilot Services.”

The Annual Report 2014 is now available from the Falmouth Harbour Commissioners’ office and also available to download at