Thursday 10th October 2024
Showground, Wadebridge

Feel Good at Work – the Bowen technique

For the first time this year the Cornwall Business Show showcased a ‘Feel Good’ healthy workplace zone helping business owners, managers and employees to take the time to reflect on their work-life balance.

With over 28% of work related illnesses being due to stress or anxiety, with an average of 23 days work lost per case, we thought it was key to focus on ‘feeling good’ at work.

2015 show exhibitor Bowen by Danielle shows how the Bowen Technique can help your business by helping to improve the performance and productivity of staff. Office morale and staff loyalty can be improved too. With improved care, Bowen could help reduce the number of days lost to sickness and absence. This means reduced costs of sick pay, sickness cover and overtime.

The Bowen technique is a gentle therapy that helps relieve stress and pain. The treatment consists of subtle and precise moves over muscles, tendons and connective tissue. It can help reduce and even remove back, neck and shoulder pain, RSI and headaches. This means employees can cope with stress better and have increased energy levels.











Treatments can be booked in 20 or 30 minutes sessions. It is not necessary to get undressed or lay down. Treatments are carried out using a therapy chair and performed through clothing without the use of any type of oils. So ideal in the workplace.

For more information visit or call Danielle on 07590 689887