Thursday 12th October 2023
Showground, Wadebridge

How the Cornwall Business Show has helped HookedOnMedia grow their business

Many small businesses might not think that a local trade show immediately has the tools to grow their business, but they can have an impact as long as you participate properly and make the most out of this networking opportunity.

Truro-based online digital marketing agency HookedOnMedia attended the Cornwall Business Show in November 2013 and having benefited from meeting new connections that led to direct on the day sales, here are some tips on why you should book a stand for the Cornwall Business Show 2015 that will take place on Thursday, March 19, 2015, at the Royal Cornwall Showground.

Excellent Networking Opportunity

The Cornwall Business Show is an excellent way to network with other businesses and make new friends as well as catch up with existing ones.

HookedOnMedia made lots of new connections at last year’s show, receiving direct sales on the day, but also what’s equally as important is the fact that those new connections re-engaged with us often up to 12 months later which generated new business much further down the line. This means that even if clients don’t sign up instantly on the day it doesn’t mean that attending the show has been an unsuccessful venture for your business. The connections that you make at the show might be able to recommend you to other businesses or may use you in the future.

Managing director, Stewart Roode from HookedOnMedia, said: “The show has given us an excellent opportunity to meet other business partners and suppliers to help grow our business, meeting our current accountants at the show who we wouldn’t have known without attending.”

Great for Building Your Brand

Attending a trade business show is a great way to get your name out there if you are a start-up or help build on your brand if you are an established business. The HookedOnMedia brand is now known by a lot more people we now meet and through attending the business show many people have heard of us.

First Refusal on Further Shows

We now have first refusal on further shows which means that this has allowed us to continue to attend the show by demonstrating we are an established business attending year on year.

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