Thursday 10th October 2024
Showground, Wadebridge

Ideas to Make the Most of Summer When You Have To Be At Work

With a glorious June many of us may be wishing we did not have to be at work all day. 

Here are some tips that could help you feel that you are making the most of the weeks ahead.

We do rely on our cars a lot in Cornwall, however with the better weather are you able to cycle or walk to work?

Alternatively, make the most of the light mornings. Have a walk or outdoor exercise before you need to be at your place of work.

Do you have a suitable outdoor space that you can use for meetings? Nothing worse than having to concentrate if stuck in a stuffy office. A change of environment could even give some unexpected results. Plus you will be a getting a much needed dose of vitamin D.

How about swapping the coffee run for a lolly run! Or add frozen fruit chunks to water instead of ice cubes. Pineapple is great for this or frozen strawberries. Keeping hydrated is essential for wellbeing and concentration

Pack a homemade salad for lunch that includes your favourite summery foods and if possible invite your fellow workmates off for a lunchtime picnic in your local park, beach or green area.

Do you have workmates that would be up for office Olympics? Why not start a rounder’s team or an hour a week where you all go and play frisbee or just kick a ball around. Not only will you be getting fresh air and exercise, it can work well as team building in places where staff don’t have much interaction with each other.

Decorate your office area with some summer flowers to bring a lighter, brighter mood into the room.

Are you able to play music? Put together a summer of fun playlist with all the favourite tunes to remind you of fun times.

Lastly dress for the weather. If you are able to have a more relaxed dress code leave the dark suit at home. Add some more colourful accessories or shirts to your wardrobe that reflect the summer mood.

This blog was provided by Emma Skilton Independent Consultant