Thursday 10th October 2024
Showground, Wadebridge

Innovative New Fire Safety System Installed at Local Care Home.

A local care home has installed a water mist system, believed to be the first care home in the area to use the technology.

Completed last week, ‘business class’ care home Crantock Lodge in Porth has installed the latest generation of water mist suppression system to all their first floor residents’ rooms.

Following the recent tragedy at Grenfell Tower, levels of fire safety afforded in care homes and other establishments have been at the forefront of many minds. Safety has always been paramount to Crantock Lodge, who welcomed the opportunity to try the new system.

Peter Shaw, Director and Owner of Crantock Lodge was happy to install the system, saying:

“The safety of our residents is of the utmost importance to us, and so it was a pleasure to ensure we have the latest fire safety systems.  It is generally acknowledged that the best protection is afforded by a modern fixed fire protection system, and we were happy to work with local fire safety specialists Fire Crest Fire Protection, who were able to design, install and commission the system, complete with ongoing maintenance.

The new system provides innovative and cost-effective protection in the event of a fire – the slim line watermist nozzle will operate at a pre-determined temperature and disperses a fine mist of water to help suppress the heat, smoke and fire. These nozzles are fitted to all first floor rooms and circulation spaces.

Specialist fire safety consultants at Fire Crest Fire Protection worked closely with the owners and management of Crantock Lodge to ensure the system meet the needs of residents and staff. The unobtrusive installation was completed with minimum inconvenience to residents.

Tracey Bailey, Business Developer from Fire Crest Fire Protection said:

“We are really happy to have worked with Crantock Lodge on the new fire safety system, knowing we have played our part in ensuring vulnerable people now have an excellent fire safety solution. Fire Crest Fire Protection pride themselves on choosing the right solution for our customers. The water mist system uses significantly less water than a sprinkler, without the need to connect to the mains in the road. Installing the water mist system at the same time as the fire alarm upgrade also makes the solution cost effective. Crantock Lodge can boast an excellent fixed fire protection assurance to the owners, staff, residents and resident families.”

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