Thursday 12th October 2023
Showground, Wadebridge

New Specialist Construction Business Launches in Falmouth

A new specialist construction company has launched in Falmouth, offering unique new solutions for the industry.

Lockley Concrete is a professional supplier of volumetric concrete and is co-owned by Ben Lockley of Lockley Civils and Marcus Willcox of Logistic Construction.

Marcus commented:
“We are pleased to have launched Lockley Concrete, within which we can provide clients with up to 4 cubic meters of concrete per load, with the flexibility to change the specification (dry, wet strong or weak) during delivery. Clients only pay for what they use, meaning there is zero waste and great value for money.”

Lockley Concrete will complement the already existing specialist vacuum excavation company, Vacuum Excavation Southwest, who has been supplying the Treluswell Roundabout improvement services in Penryn.

Ben added:
“Launching Lockley Concrete means we can offer additional services to tie in with our partner companies. Our expert team can now provide vacuum excavation which is a extremely niche service, as well as a laying services to finish the concrete appropriately, alongside groundwork solutions.”

For more information about Lockley Concrete, visit their website