Thursday 10th October 2024
Showground, Wadebridge

Student talent makes big impact on family business

Business owner Heather Forster credits business and management student Jamie Brassett with helping her business flourish. Jamie is currently undertaking a marketing placement one day per week with Heather, creating online marketing campaigns for her businesses and those of her clients.

Heather runs Empower Coaching International and a holiday let business both of which need considerable online support.

Heather explained the value Jamie has already brought to her business:

“His technical skills enable him to maximise the use of digital tools, quickly and easily, saving us vast amounts of time.”

Brighter Cornwall is a programme run by Cornwall Council in partnership with Unlocking Potential for students from Cornwall who are studying for their first degree. The scheme offers; access to scholarships, opportunities to network with employers as well as paid work placements.
The placement has helped Jamie in building his own business acumen and digital marketing experience. This opportunity has given Jamie some real experience to apply his knowledge gained at university.

“This is the best thing that’s happened to me. I have learned a lot, I feel that I am using my brain and learning so many new things, including software packages, digital marketing and the importance of tracking work and monitoring KPIs.”

Heather emphasised the effect that bringing an undergraduate like this into the business has had for both herself and those of her clients.

“Jamie was able to perform the online tasks quickly and efficiently. His natural flair for technology and his inherent knowledge meant he could do things so much faster than I could. With my mentoring and guidance he has been able to effect enormous change quickly having a direct influence on the bottom line. Jamie’s success has meant he has not only secured a place in my business but also in those of my clients”

Nicky Luke, Head of Talent Development for Unlocking Potential, who is leading the Brighter Cornwall project said:

“We are so pleased that Brighter Cornwall has enabled Jamie to boost Heather’s business. Brighter Cornwall students are out there working in businesses across Cornwall, helping them to grow and develop through various projects from video production, to marketing and work towards gaining industry certification. The programme has already led to a permanent job for one student and this story is particularly rewarding because it demonstrates the mutual benefit of an enthusiastic student working with an experienced business owner.”

Businesses looking to take on an undergraduate on a short-term basis to work on a project in their business; as well as Individuals from Cornwall studying, or about to start their undergraduate studies, who are interested in gaining career experience should contact Brighter Cornwall at or through the website