Thursday 11th March 2021
Showground, Wadebridge

Apprentice Firefighters Launch their Careers in Cornwall

Truro and Penwith College along with Cornwall Fire, Rescue & Community Safety Service are supporting local people to get into work by providing Apprenticeships to six aspiring firefighters.

They are the first operational firefighter Apprenticeships in Cornwall which have been made possible because of the recent changes in national Apprenticeship standards.

The Apprentice fire fighters will experience working life at community fire stations whilst studying for their course one day a week at Truro and Penwith College.

Last October Cornwall Fire, Rescue & Community Safety Service recruited the six Apprentices who have been taking part in a training programme in support of their formal Apprenticeship.
One of the new Apprentices Sophie Douglas said: “It’s always been an ambition of mine to join the Fire & Rescue Service and now with the Apprenticeship scheme at Truro and Penwith College, I have the opportunity to do this while gaining multiple qualifications.

“So far with the Fire Service and College we have been following a training programme with lectures, exercises and practical sessions. We are learning how to build confidence skills, dealing with the inevitable stresses of the role, maintaining fitness levels with personal training, learning about citizenship diversity and responding to a wide range of emergency incidents. During day-to-day work at the station, we also each have personal mentors to support and discuss any issues that arise throughout the Apprenticeship.”

Guy Herrington, Station Manager, from Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service added: “The ethos for support and learning demonstrated by the College, and the quality of the Apprentices produced, was exactly what Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service was seeking to deliver against the standards required in the national scheme. It offers another pathway for young people to take when pursuing a career as a Firefighter and the Apprentices that are working with us have already demonstrated enormous enthusiasm and ability since starting in October 2017.”

Toni Drew, Business Development Advisor at Truro & Penwith College added: “We are backing the government drive to recruit more Apprentices to benefit employers like the Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service which enables young people across the region to enter a career like no other – which is so competitive to get into.”

“The opportunities this Apprenticeship programme has opened are endless, being given the opportunity to work in the fire service; responding to incidents, educating the community and working on station has been a great professional and personal opportunity. We are proud to be the chosen provider of this Apprenticeship in Cornwall.”

Truro and Penwith College took part in the Apprenticeship Open Event last week hosted by Cornwall Council at County Hall, Truro.

For more information about Apprenticeships available with Truro and Penwith College and Cornwall Council visit: and